The Importance of Website Maintenance

Once you have your website done and launched, the first thing you need to ensure is that you have good website maintenance to keep your website up to date and current for your business. The basic reason for this is to be sure that your website continues to rank well with Google and other search engines. When you take time maintaining your website so it reflects the current state of your business, it is also the best way for visitors to become new customers. When you use website maintenance to keep your site current, it needs to include not only the written content, but also the graphics and any search engine optimization (SEO) you have done. If you would like some tips on the best way to approach SEO for your site, be sure to read our post on SEO for Small Businesses.


Your Marketing Solutions: Answer Customers Questions

Everyone is looking for easy marketing solutions. I believe that writing a blog on a regular basis is an important part of any company’s marketing. In today’s world, you really need to do it and not just for the way it will help your website’s ranking with Google.  It is a great place to start a conversation with your potential customers.

One of the biggest comments I get from any business owner with a website is that they don’t know what they would write on their blogs. But think about what you go on the web to do. It is often to answer a question you have. Our potential site visitors are the same way, they need answers.


Website Design – The Growth of Mobile

Mobile is a growing force behind website design. The proliferation of smartphones and tablets means mobile sites are no longer an afterthought. Recently the New York Times announced its move to a new design that draws heavily from mobile apps, as did Facebook the week before. If there was a battle between static website design and mobile apps, that fight is now done. Mobile has emerged the victor.

Interactive website design has finally grown up. Successful websites migrate from desktop to mobile to tablet. What does this mean for your website design? It really depends on your audience. If you are trying to reach a young mobile audience, then the ability to interact with your site on their phone or tablet could be crucial. The changes in television watching habits are a good indicator of this.


Tips About Blogging Benefits for Small Businesses

Why does any business need to know about blogging? In today’s market, when someone is considering a purchase, chances are they will do their research on that product online. In fact, the Pew Research Centre recently did a survey that showed 78% of people who did research before purchasing did that research online. Who are these people and where are they going to research? The overwhelming majority of them are looking on blogs for that information.

The blogging benefits for any business are growing along with the number of blog readers. So if you own a small business and are considering adding a blog, what should you know about blogging? Here are some tips about blogging that will show how any business can learn how to blog and gain the benefits of new customers and increased exposure.


Website Design Tips for Glasgow Companies

Every business wants a company website design that looks good. But without a clear roadmap to help people navigate, all the pretty graphics won’t help your business. Visitors will get frustrated and look elsewhere. In the end, you will lose more customers than you can gain. Does this sound familiar?

If you are looking for better traffic but aren’t sure where to start, here are a few tips to tell if your site needs a complete redesign or just a few changes. As the Glasgow web designer locals have learned to trust, we are happy to share these design tips with you. We feel that intelligent design trumps pretty graphics for any business website. Here are a few design tips for your website to make sure every visitor is an opportunity for your business.


SEO for Small Businesses in Glasgow

One of the best decisions a small business owner in Glasgow can make is to invest in local SEO for small businesses. When you do local SEO you help businesses and customers in Glasgow find you easily. Even better, when you use a local Glasgow SEO business to help you, they understand your needs. With local Google SEO for small business your customers can easily use local search to find your business fast.


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